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Emmanuelle Varron

Emmanuelle Varron


48 years old
Paris (75018) France
Employed Just looking around
For more than twenty years, my professional life has been about creating,, wrtiting and organising. which means being able to interact with all communications matters! My experience of this complex and subtle function has built my career, a path where versatility is my credo, and inventiveness my aspiration.

Sports is my professional passion, but I have eclectic tastes : a passion for beauty and originality ... Classical music has rocked my childhood, with a 12 year violin practicing. The universe of antique jewels and "niche" perfumes took root in my adolescence. Finally, sport and gastronomy have seen me grow and mature through my career. All of these are part of my personnal life, and when I can find some time, I like to write about all these passions on a blog, called My Bazar Unlimited.
  • Promotion of cutting edge sporting programmes

  • Communication of the technical advances and the quality of the media coverage on TF1
  • Launch of major events (the 2000 Formula 1 season, Euro 2000, Champions League, French Cup, French international football games)
  • Design and Production of press kits.
  • Organisation of media trips (Euro 2000, France vs All Blacks in Marseilles, Italy, San Marino and Hockeinheim F1 Grand Prix).
  • inviting VIP studio guests.
  • Administration of the departmental budget
Company Description
France n°1 TV channel (free access).
Company website